Coronavirus is Changing Higher Education – Ready or Not?

Just watched the CNBC video on ‘How Coronavirus Changed College Overnight‘.  I have been a University Professor for over 20 years and watched the slow integration and adoption of ‘online’ and internet based technologies as they make a small but noticeable change to University (Higher Education).  Will the world-wide coronavirus pandemic be the event that accelerates change to the higher education system and the primary institution associated with higher ed, Colleges and/or Universities?  or will everything go back to normal after the pandemic subsides?

The common higher education experience is well-documented to be basically unchanged over the past 500+ years.  There is mounting evidence that our modern world needs a modern education system and major rewiring of the entire education system.  Before we can enact changes, we first need to research what we need to change and why we need to change it.  To this ends, I provide a list below of some of the articles, books, etc that I have found very thought provoking.

The internet has fundamentally changed communication.  Will it fundamentally change the communication we use to educate?

More to come….  Dr. Jeffery L. Yarger (Arizona State University, School of Molecular Sciences, Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics).

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