University Furloughs – AKA Forced Leave of Absence &/or Salary Reductions

Furloughs, a temporary leave from work that is not paid and is often for a set period of time.  The furloughing of US College and University employees during a recession seems to the new standard way of dealing with budget shortfalls.  The economic downturn and recession caused by the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic seems to be no exception, with the University of Arizona and several other major US Universities announcing the use of mandatory furloughs and/or salary reductions for its employees.  Michael Nietzel, a former University President, writes about this on April 19, 2020 in Forbes Magazine.

How many other Colleges and Universities in the US will follow?  My guess, all of them.  How many other countries around the world will use the US model of furloughs to help solve education funding problems? My guess, almost none of them.  Its really a sad state of affairs how bad the US Educational and Health Care systems really have become over the past 20+ years.  A complete overall of both is desperately needed.  I was hoping the COVID-19 world-wide crisis would open everyone to the clear need to rewire both US health care and the US educational systems (both K-12 and Higher Ed).  However, instead it looks like we will just repeat the past actions of furloughs and bandaids.  I really hope I am wrong about this – April 20, 2020

More on this topic coming soon.  Cheers, Jeff

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