The Easter Bunny Has CoronaVirus!

easterbunnychoc_640_mediumCOVID19pic1Easter in the US is often synonymous with family and Easter Eggs.  In spring 2020, Easter, like everything else, will fundamentally be different because of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, world-wide pandemic.  It also provides a good opportunity for stories and metaphors that can help children better understand basic virology.

If the Easter Bunny has COVID-19, what can he/she do to protect humans from contracting a virus?

How lonMarlonBundoCoverg can COVID-19 remain transmittable and infectious on surfaces? Specifically, the Easter Bunny cares about plastics and egg shells.

Can the Easter Bunny infect his or her friends, like Marlon Bundo?

These are just of few questions that can be posed and explored as a way to engage children to learn more about COVID-19 and practically apply their science and mathematics to a ‘real-world’ project that should interest everyone as we go through a world-wide pandemic.

Jennifer Yarger is publishing a blog post on this website ( entitled “Easter Bunny is cleared to make drop-offs amid pandemic.”  The goal is to engage children in actively learning through current events (Easter and the COVID-19 pandemic).  Hope you find this blog post interesting.

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