Yarger Family COVID-19 Home Projects – First Drafts

The Yarger Family ‘first draft’ of projects we are doing to combine online/home school, project based learning and a topic we all care to understand better, COVID-19 and the current world pandemic.

Rylee Yarger’s Video Project: Psychology and ‘Mental’ Aspects of COVID-19.

Jennifer Yarger’s Blog: Easter Bunny is cleared to make drop-offs amid pandemic.

Kaycee Yarger’s Website / Blog: Does covid19 effect people with type 1 diabetes disproportionally?

McKyle & Abrie Yarger and JT Harper (Grp Project): What is the Coronavirus and how does it spread?

This is a ‘first’ project and we are going to come back to these projects and use COVID-19 as a current topic to make several ‘project-based’ educational activities.  So, please please provide your comments on these projects.

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