Type 1 Diabetes – DiabeT1cs.org

DiabeT1cs.org is a website started by my daughter and one of her close friends (Jordan Scara).  They are both Type 1 diabetics and met at diabetes summer camp in Arizona many many years ago, when they both were very young girls trying to understand and cope with the ‘disease’ they had been ‘diagnosed’ to have ‘infected’ them.  Type 1 diabetes is especially hard because parents are typically trying to learn about everything associated with diabetes at the same time their young children are dealing with it every day of their young lives.

Anyway, this blog post is primarily to make readers aware of some recent developments in both the management of diabetes and more importantly the underlying auto-immune response.  I will leave more extensive blog posts and information to the DiabeT1cs.org website.

Interesting Information I have recently run across:

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